With the Elections for Hostel Councils and the posts vacant in SLC coming up this August the 24th, we take you through the official information you need to know before voting. Firstly, the elections of the Hostel Council usually take place in the even semester. Here’s why we are voting now: Who Moved My Elections? Secondly, about the process of voting, here is a delightfully illustrated article, SE1010: Introduction To Institute Elections. The detailed roles and responsibilities of each of these posts can be found in the Students’ Constitution. 

Note: The post of Cultural Secretary(Literary) has fallen vacant after the Executive Council Elections in the odd semester.


Section 1: Student Legislative Council (SLC)


SLC is given all the legislative powers of the General Student Body(GSB)  and is intended to be the primary enforcer of the Students’ Constitution. Know more about the SLC here: Know Your SLC: The Students’ Constitution.

Student Legislative Council comprises (you guessed it) Legislators with the Speaker as the presiding officer.




Legislators fall under one of the following categories:

Hostel Legislator: one representing each hostel;

Department Legislator (Academic): represents the taught programmes of each department for any academic/research concerns of students to the Head of the Department and the Department Consultative Committee and facilitates interactions between faculty and students;

Department Legislator (Research): represents the research programs of each department;

Four Legislators: represent postgraduate students pursuing two year postgraduate courses in engineering/technology.




The Speaker is elected by the Legislators of the Student Legislative Council. S/he cannot take up responsibilities that are in the line-of-command of any other member of the Executive Council.

The Speaker among other things is responsible for:

  1. Conducting and moderating meetings of the SLC in an impartial manner
  2. Ensuring the smooth functioning of Student Legislative Council and Legislative Committees.
  3. Maintaining up to date records of Constitutional amendments, minutes of SLC meetings, etc.


Read a little more about the functioning of the SLC here, from its days of being SAC .


Section 2: Department Executive Council


At the department level, the following bodies perform constitutional duties:


Department Student Body and Department Council:


The Department Student Body (DSB) shall decide policies with respect to its own Department in accordance with the Students’ Constitution and the Department Council is responsible for taking decisions and implementing them, consistent with the policies set.


Research Councillor:

In addition to the responsibilities of the Department Legislator(Academic), the Research Councillor shall, while not being on the SLC, by default, be part of the placement team headed by the Research Affairs Secretary.


Section 3: Hostel Council


Hostel Council is responsible for taking decisions consistent with the policies set by the general body of the hostel, and their implementation.



A General Body Meeting is for discussing issues of the hostel’s interest, to pass policies and the Budget of the Hostel Council, and to review the performance of the members of the Hostel Council.


Hostel Council:

Each hostel has one Hostel Council.

It consists of:

Hostel Legislator: Convenes and chairs Hostel Council meetings when the Warden and the Assistant Warden are not present, takes minutes of GBMs, represents Hostel Secretaries to the Hostel Student Body etc.;

General Secretary: Ensures the proper maintenance of the hostel, and coordinates with other hostel secretaries, the Warden and the Assistant Warden;

Sports Secretary: Procures and maintains sports equipment in the hostel, plans sports activities and appoints Hostel Sports Captains and coordinates participation of the hostel in the inter hostel tournaments;

Literary Secretary: Plans cultural activities within the hostel for the year and propose budget to the Hostel Student Body at the beginning of the year, monitors and maintains the Hostel library and ensures the availability of necessary magazines and generally mobilises the hostel to participate in literary and cultural events;

Social Secretary: conducts social functions and festivals within the hostel and is responsible for arranging food, if necessary, during the organization of social events in the hostel in cooperation with the Cultural Secretary;

Technical Affairs Secretary: Plans co-curricular activities within the hostel, procures and maintains computers and technical parts and other accessories and accounts for the same, conducts various co-curricular activities in the hostel and coordinates the participation of hostel teams in the inter-hostel competitions;

Health and Hygiene Secretary: Takes primary responsibility of taking charge of maintaining cleanliness in and around the hostel premises and for the functioning and training of the hostel housekeeping staff.




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  • Notification, Election of Students’ Representatives 2018, Office of Dean(Students), IIT Madras
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