Our Independence Day Reading List

India celebrates 71 years of independence today and on this glorious occasion, we at T5E have crafted a reading list of articles on diverse topics ranging from India’s freedom struggle to the growth of the Indian film industry.

1. Over the years, Google doodles have become a symbol of celebration and relevance, with the Google logo getting fun changes on important dates and holidays. This article in Livemint celebrates the tryst between Google Doodles and India’s Independence Day:


2. Bollywood has been a constant in the 70 odd years since independence. Year after year, new stories, new talent and new techniques in filmmaking have enthralled audiences in India and around the globe. This article by Hindustan Times looks back at the most successful Bollywood movies in each decade since 1947:


3. In sharp contrast to the glitz and glamour of Bollywood is the steady growth in India’s technical expertise and technical know-how since Independence. This growth has been possible owing to the hardwork and determination of our scientists. This article by the Indian Express celebrates the lives of 5 Indian scientists who made the country proud:


4. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. This piece by the Indian Express contains the defining images of India’s history; right from Pandit Nehru’s famous speech to India’s first moon mission:


5. She’s everywhere, this hurdler who could teach you about the perfect momentum and gliding technique required to sail over any barrier that comes in her way. You may know her as Arundhati Roy, Sushmita Sen, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi and Arati Saha—the first woman from India to win the Booker prize, become Miss Universe, go to space, become a police officer and swim the English Channel, respectively:

This article by Livemint celebrates the indomitable spirit and successes of Indian women


6. Many Indians today are conflicted between their native tongue and the English language; a conflict that is a legacy of the British Raj. This op-ed in the Mint strives to address this subtle conflict that is present in our day-to-day lives:


7. India’s independence movement ushered in a new era for the country. Today, the country stands as the world’s most populous democracy, something that has been made possible by the sweat, blood and tears of our freedom fighters. This article in the Hindu urges each one of us to pay homage to our freedom fighters and be proud of their legacy:


8. Sports has the power to bring people and communities together. In this article, Times Now looks back at 10 of the biggest golden moments in Indian sporting history in 10 different sports:


9. While 70+ years of Independence has brought about a tremendous improvement in the lives of many Indians, there is still a long way to go in order to realize the dreams and goals of our freedom fighters. This op-ed in the Mint presents a sobering take on what ‘freedom’ means in modern-day India:


10. Today, India is celebrating its 72nd Independence Day, the day for which several men and women sacrificed their precious lives without thinking twice. Some of these martyrs are globally renowned for their noble deeds, noticeable contributions and selfless work, but among these were also a few who did not receive the attention that they deserved. This article in the Times of India looks at museums that pay homage to these lesser-known freedom fighters:


Bonus: This reading list from Livemint looks ahead towards the future of the country in a diverse range of fields


Happy reading!

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