Snap Quizzing Graduating Junta at Wilkommen 2018

We asked some of our beloved graduating junta the important questions at Wilkommen on 16th April. While our correspondents, Meena and Sharanya, had the privilege of listening to answers that ranged all the way from entertaining to enlightening, we present only the most insightful here.

Did they wish away something in insti?


What’s four to five years in Chennai.




Love life. (Useful tip: They say it is connected to hygiene.)


Make-out spots that would surprise us?


What did they really do though.


Bravo on soldiering through courses and graduating.


Did someone say they still find monkeys adorable?


They don’t seem like they miss the mess food at any rate.



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Meena Chockalingam

Meena is pursuing her integrated Masters in Humanities and Social Sciences. She enjoys travelling, reading, writing and watching Grey's Anatomy. But, after a point she only cares about food, animals, arguments on Vegetarianism and public transport.