Alleged Incident Involving Two Institute Secretaries

Editor’s note: Readers are strongly urged against misrepresenting the events described below. As per our policy, we have retained anonymity for all students involved. Unless specifically stated, any external media coverage of this event is not endorsed by us. The events alleged below are based on one of the two recorded testimonies that were made in T5E’s presence with the consent of both the attesters, one of whom later withdrew their consent to having their testimony featured or the incident reported altogether. The Institute Secretaries in question, upon giving their comments, have also withdrawn them. As it stands, the incidents described below are based on the testimony of Y (see below), a third party, and evidence in the possession of T5E. 


X = 2nd-year student who was involved in the events described
Y = 2nd-year student who has voluntarily given us a testimony
Sec1 = Secretary 1
Sec2 = Secretary 2

We have tried to ensure that no detail is skipped or misrepresented, while maintaining a coherent structure to ensure readability. 

In the early hours of 5th November 2017, Y was awakened by X knocking on his door, and was asked to accompany X to Sec2’s room. Disoriented due to having just woken up, Y followed X to Sec2’s room where he found Sec1 and Sec2, who told him to go back to his room and return with his phone. On his way back to Sec2’s wing, he found X sitting on the staircase, looking distraught. Sec1 then called both students inside. Entering the room, Y was requested to sit down in a comfortable position. The secretaries asked him for permission to unlock his phone and look through his chats, which Y agreed to. Sec1 and X seemed to have a heated discussion about some subject, at the end of which Sec1 stood up and moved towards X in an allegedly violent manner. Afraid, X walked out, and refused to come back inside despite being asked to by Sec1. Sec1 then asked X to switch off his phone and leave it behind, and X complied and then left the room. From the ex-Speaker’s mail (below), we understand that this was when X rushed to the ex-Speaker’s room and knocked on his door.

Meanwhile, Y was in the room with the secretaries, engaged in a discussion for around half an hour, during which the secretaries showed him screenshots from Facebook chats, an actual conversation with an unknown Facebook account, and emails written by X, to try to convince him that X was not a suitable candidate for an EW post which X was interested to contest for. During this time, X re-entered the room, was asked by Sec1 to “sit down peacefully”; which he did, and left again. A while later, the ex-Speaker arrived with X at Sec2’s room. He asked Y if he was being held there against his free will, to which Y replied “I’m not sure,” since on the one hand Y had given permission for them to look through his chats, and on the other, according to him, he had been sitting there out of fear on seeing, in his words, the “brute force” he had witnessed from Sec1.  

The ex-Speaker then proceeded to exit the hostel with the two students, following which he asked the help of a T5E member to transcribe their experiences in order to maintain proof of this incident. The T5E member and the ex-Speaker helped X in preparing an official complaint which was subsequently sent to the DoSt. The DoSt then personally came to the hostel and picked up the students and took them to his house, where they stayed till that afternoon. Y says that it was because both he and X were afraid of the possibility that the secretaries would return to threaten them.

A disciplinary committee hearing was convened as a response to the complaint, and it later came to T5E’s knowledge that the complaint was withdrawn.

A partially-redacted* copy of the mail that the ex-Speaker sent to the DoSt, DR, and SLC FacAd on 5th November 2017 is given below (names withdrawn):   

I was woken by my phone ringing at around 2:00 am tonight and I picked it up to listen to X frantically asking me for the Dean (Students) number stating that there was some problem with Sec1 and Sec2. I gave the official number and X cut the call and rather unfortunately and shamefully, I just decided to sleep again.

However, I was awakened at 2:30 by X knocking on my door. He was barefoot and nearly in tears. He told me that he had called the Dean (Students) and complained about how Sec2 and Sec1 were harassing him because they had come to know that he was standing for elections. This is something that he has told me about earlier; he had told me about him not getting a good Coordship because Sec1 and Sec2 deliberately “f**ked” him over. Furthermore, he said that a friend of his, Y, was being locked up for having said something in whatsapp to another student.

During this, Sec1 was repeatedly calling X and asking him to come to Sec2’s room. X told Sec1 he would come, and I offered to accompany him, especially because it was a serious matter with another student being locked up. I also sent an SMS to the Dean (Students) official number about what was happening.

I went to Sec2’s hostel and asked X to go upstairs and call a T5E member who I knew was in the same wing as him. In the meanwhile, I informed the security guard about the situation and asked to sign the visitor’s entry book. My entry is duly documented there. X had meanwhile returned telling that the member was not in his room and the guard advised us not to go to Sec2’s room if we were afraid that there might be violence. However, Y being there, we decided to go anyways.

We went to Sec2’s room. I entered with X to find Y sitting on the floor with Sec2 and the moment I entered, Sec1 also entered. I asked them what was happening, and Sec1 threatened me asking if I had made my entry in the hostel visitor book. I said I had, and asked Y whether he was being forced to sit. Extremely shockingly, Y said “I am not sure”. I was immediately concerned and I knew that there was coercion being used.

I asked Y to come out with me and X if he wanted and after a bit of hesitation, he joined us. Sec1 followed us till the stairs telling X something in a regional language. I asked them to ignore him and took them out. I informed the security guard about what happened and also, checked if Sec1 had made an entry into the visitor’s book. He had not, and I took photographic evidence of the same. The guard said he will go and check about Sec1’s whereabouts when we told him he was from a different hostel and thanking him we left.

To be on the safe side, I have requested the two boys to give a voice recording of what has been happening to them and I have it with me. I did not want to get into trouble without proof. While typing out this email, the Dean (Students) sent me a message asking what the problem was and I promised to write him this mail.

This mail reports everything that has happened till now. Y, X and the T5E member mentioned are in my room currently and we are collating WhatsApp messages and other evidence as proof. We will be more than happy to send it to you once we have got them organised.


*Parts of this mail that are not connected to the issue or the students involved, have been removed.

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