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Posts published in December 2017

Inter IIT Sports Meet: Behind the Scenes

We extend our special thanks and mentions to Joel Jose Varghese, Shreyas Chaudhari, Shyam Mohan, Kishore Yadav, Vishnu Kumar, Kamala Devi, and Farzin Famees for sharing…

Navigating Insti: A Concise Guide for Newcomers

You've spent some time here, but you can't quite figure things out completely. It's no easy task navigating through the wilderness that is IIT Madras, and T5E is here to help you out through your next few days here.

Senate approves flexibility in project timeline for DD and MTech students

In an smail on Saturday, December 9th, the AAS announced that the Senate has permitted flexibility in project period for DD and M.Tech students. Now, all students of M.Tech, DD and B.Tech are free to pursue internships at the end of the pre-final year.

Insti Reviews: Food For Thought

Note: While efforts are made to make this review as helpful as possible to the institute community, the views expressed in this article are solely…