Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

Month: April 2017

"Earlier today (around 9 pm), a major fire broke out at the IC&SR (Industrial Consultancies and Sponsored Research) building. The fire was soon located to the NPTEL office in the third floor and did not spread beyond the third floor. There is speculation that the source of the fire was a short circuit but this is unconfirmed. The Director was at the scene shortly and confirmed that there were no casualties. Nobody was in the building at the time the fire broke out. It has been reported that people left the NPTEL offices 15 minutes before the fire began. Water tanks and fire engines promptly reached the scene, continued arriving even around midnight and the fire was soon brought under control."... Read More
What if somebody told you that learning a particular skill will only need a certain number of days or hours of practice until you became decently competent at it? What if you knew exactly which exercises to practice in order to learn a skill in the minimum possible time? These are the questions being posed and simultaneously answered by this project.... Read More