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Posts published in December 2016

Cyclone Vardah: The Aftermath (Part 2)

The resilience of insti and its people when up against the floods of 2015 is a well known fact. While the considerably destructive cyclone Vardah…

How Things Work: Stem Cell Donorship

"Firstly, I would like to encourage all the students of IIT to step forward and register themselves as donors. It would be wonderful if DATRI is given the opportunity to address the students during all major events held by IIT. Stem cell donation today resembles the scenario in which blood donation found itself 50 years ago. In contemporary times, blood donation camps are commonplace. This was made possible due to campaigns and drives held by the people. Hence, we believe that students must spread the message of stem cell donation by conducting campaigns and drives, particularly during student-run events."

A Trip to the Indian Parliament

Venkataraman Ganesh, the SLC Speaker, writes about SLC’s trip to the Indian Parliament in the first week of December: from how the idea came about,…

Team Speaks: Inter-IIT Chess Meet

Every year, Inter-IIT organizing boards dilly-dally about whether to include chess or not. Alleged that it is not even considered a sport event at times, chess's staid and sober appearance doesn't get much fan following even among the Inter-IIT organizers across the country. "Actually, chess was tried only as a trial sport at the Inter-IITs from 2009 to 2011 with Bombay winning all of them, but the organizing IITs refused to conduct it in 2012 and 2013 stating that it wasn't a physical sport", says Nitin.

Looking Back: An X-ray view through Saarang and Shaastra 2016

"A month before Saarang and Shaastra 2017, we take a look at these two fests for the previous year, particularly their composition in terms of both financial and team structure, to find out what makes them really click. This article is aimed at throwing light on how big Saarang and Shaastra are and how coherently their teams work to make them possible."

Cyclone Vardah: The Aftermath (Part 1)

"Zaitoon, Leo Fortune, Ramu Tea stall and Gurunath were working and provided food for students on credit until their stocks lasted, with students only having to show ID cards to avail of the goods. Kishore also tells T5E that most of the messes were operational till 4 pm in the afternoon and till 10:30 pm in the night. "

Day 6: Inter IIT 2016

With the tournaments of most of the sports drawing to a close today(18/12/2016), there was some splendid fight put in by all the teams. Some…

Day 5: Inter IIT 2016

With a silver in 100m and victory in 14 out of 17 matches across six sports today, Madras is definitely on a roll! Presenting a…

Day 4: Inter IIT 2016

With commendable performances on the Day 4( 16/12/2016) by Madras, the grand attempt at taking the GC home continues. The IITM contingent today qualifies for…

Day 3: Inter IIT 2016

Continuing to show the sportsmanship that IIT Madras is noted for, the contingent has today won 9 out of 11 matches across seven sports and…