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Posts published in November 2015

Once Upon A Summer – Interning in California

Adarsh Tadimari and Saikanth Dacha share their experience of interning a summer abroad in California and what they learnt from it. Interning in California has the California factor attached: whether you are a movie lover, nature enthusiast, business person, IT engineer, entrepreneur, physicist, or an investor, California is the place to be; it has just about everything.

Introducing bhOndOO’s Daadi

bhOndOO is terrified on seeing a missed call from Daadi. She is his grand father’s sister and the eldest member of his family. She lives in a village and has some goats to look after. She is a terror in bhOndOO’s family since she scolds anybody and everybody, that too on anything.

Love Guru bhOndOO

How do you find out if you are in love? Consult bhOndOO, the love guru. See bhOndOO in action on Valentine’s Day, where he demonstrates ‘practical applications’.

Lab accident in Electrical Engineering Department

Rohitha Naraharisetty writes about the unfortunate incident that happened recently in the Electrical Engineering Department where an MS scholar met with an accident while working…

bhOndOO Attends Microsoft Talks

bhOndOO is a great admirer of Microsoft as he believes that it makes an end-user’s life easy. Hence, he is very eager to attend the talks by Microsoft Research the next day: Search - The New Turing Test by a General Manager and Computing - 10 years in the future by a Principal Research Scientist.

bhOndOO on Finishing Assignments

bhOndOO’s professors just love giving assignments. Sometimes, bhOndOO thinks that if his professors have nothing to do, they give assignments. Maintaining sanity while working on assignments of four courses is not easy.

The Chronicles of a Muggu – bhOndOO

It is that time of the year when the T5E team is busy studying for the end semester examinations and the T5E website is in danger of remaining static. Fortunately, a guest writer named bhOndOO, who claims to be a student researcher at IIT Madras, has graciously agreed to keep it updated with posts about his life at IIT Madras.

Mental Health on Campus – A Townhall Without Walls

In order to create a dialogue between the administration and the students on the issues that were widely debated in the aftermath of the recent suicides, T5E, SAC and MITr jointly organized a townhall meeting on mental health on Thursday, 12th October 2015.

Sports in Insti: Graduates Speak

The 51st Inter-IIT Sports Meet is exactly a month away from today. In this context, we caught up with several students from institute sports teams who graduated in 2015. We asked them questions ranging from what they think about sports in insti, what sets it apart and what they would like to see at an Inter-IIT on their home turf.

Townhall on Mental Health

If you won't be able to make it to the Townhall in person, fill out your questions here.