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Posts published in September 2015

The Extreme Step: Student Suicide In Tambi

Nagendra Kumar Reddy, a final year M.Tech student in Civil Engineering department, was found to have committed suicide in his room in Tamaraparani hostel yesterday. The circumstances of death seem unclear at the present as he did not leave behind any suicide note. A police investigation has been started to look into possible reasons.

Inter-IIT 101

With the Inter-IIT Sports Meet coming up, the sports scene is buzzing with excitement and “feel”. The Aquatics meet being less than a fortnight away, here’s everything you need to know about the games.

Gender Perceptions Survey

The issue of skewed sex ratios in higher education — a problem that gets worse with technical institutes, and further with a top-tier technical institute…

Dengue On A Rise

In yet another seasonal outbreak of Dengue, many students have taken ill with the viral fever in the past one month. While the institute’s marshland and tropical weather are some common reasons cited for the annual outbreak of dengue, many hygiene-related issues have also surfaced in a recent investigation in Narmada hostel.

How Google Deep Dream Sees Insti

Ever since Google released this blog post about its image recognition software and its source code two weeks later, the internet has been flooded with a nightmarish collection of psychedelic images filled with dogs and eyes. So, what is Deep Dream?

Playing a different string – Prof. TT Narendran

Prof. TT Narendran is one of the longest serving faculty in IIT-M, having recently retired after serving as a Professor in the DoMS department for nearly 40 years. In his time here, he also served as the head of the then Guidance Counselling Unit (now MiTR) and President of the Music Club. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, he talks to T5E about things that close to his heart - teaching, research, education, students and music.