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Month: September 2015

Inter-IIT 101 4 min read
With the Inter-IIT Sports Meet coming up, the sports scene is buzzing with excitement and “feel”. The Aquatics meet being less than a fortnight away, here’s everything you need to know about the games.... Read More
Dengue On A Rise 3 min read
In yet another seasonal outbreak of Dengue, many students have taken ill with the viral fever in the past one month. While the institute’s marshland and tropical weather are some common reasons cited for the annual outbreak of dengue, many hygiene-related issues have also surfaced in a recent investigation in Narmada hostel.... Read More
Prof. TT Narendran is one of the longest serving faculty in IIT-M, having recently retired after serving as a Professor in the DoMS department for nearly 40 years. In his time here, he also served as the head of the then Guidance Counselling Unit (now MiTR) and President of the Music Club. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, he talks to T5E about things that close to his heart - teaching, research, education, students and music.... Read More