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Posts published in August 2015

Through the Goggles of a (Muggu) Wing: Alak B3

"To our classmates and a lot of the people who knew us, we were the ‘Muggu Wing’, a moniker that we weren’t particularly fond of in the beginning but soon began to cherish." Read the chronicles of an Alak wing which graduated this year.

Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Pragathi Praveena

"There is something about seeing achievers in their flesh (and breathing the same molecules) that makes me believe that big impact and big dreams do happen. Moreover, the tag of graduating from an IIT has definitely given me a head start. I had been granted the luxury of dreaming big and I know that my capabilities and time are valued even more by virtue of a legacy left behind, to which I will certainly contribute." Erstwhile lit sec and elec graduate Pragathi writes about her four years at insti

The Gajendra(Circle) Katha

In this third and final article of our Heritage Series, we present to you snippets of the Gajendra Circle as it evolved over the years. …

Student life – A Throwback to the Past

  In the second article of the “Heritage Series”, we take you on a photo tour, which we hope will tickle your funny bone, rekindle…

Director’s Independence Day speech

  This is the address delivered by Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthy, Director, IIT Madras to the gathering assembled at 69th Independence Day celebrations.  In this speech,…

Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Shubham Jain

Read about Shubham Jain's time at inset in the next article of our Graduate series. "Shaastra also taught that it’s stupid to assume that everyone will give up the time that would affect their personal growth for a cause, just like you might. It taught me that it was okay to be selfish as long as you were not hurting someone else, but just making your life easier and your path to success more clear. And when you’re going into the outside world, this prepares you, because there is no one else who is going to be looking out for you."

Leisure time? Don’t just Whatsapp! L-TAP!

Leisure Time Activities Program, or L-TAP,  is a new initiative on the campus for imparting training in extra-curricular activities. Parvathi speaks to Mr.Vijay Dhavala, L-TAP…

Beyond the Gates – Bessie

In yet another article in the Beyond the Gates Series, Abhinand Shankar explores the various reasons as to why the beloved ‘Bessie’ beach is one…