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Posts published in July 2015

History and Heritage – Celebrating 56 years of IIT-M

Today marks the 56th year of IIT Madras' foundation. In this series of articles, we attempt to present the earliest stories of the campus and its residents. This first article in the series talks about early infrastructure on the campus and how the institute came into being.

Learning? Yes, Please. Education? No, Thanks.

  Amit Deshwal is an IIT-M alumnus. Laced with narratives from the Amit’s personal life, this version of Amit’s article adapted by Abhinand Shankar presents the…

Forty Minutes With a Fields Medallist

After the talk about “Poetry, Drumming and Mathematics”, we arrived at the appointed time at the Bose–Einstein Guest House to find our man, with his…

Through the Goggles of A Graduate: Kavya Srinivasan

"It’s very easy to believe in Insti that it is a reflection of the world outside, and to get entirely and wholly wrapped up in Insti activities. I have shed several tears over coordships and coreships, and paper proposals rejected, and WM tryouts I didn’t make, and plot twist: I’m okay." Kavya Srinivasan writes about her five years at IITM and what it's taught her.

Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Arjun Shajan

In the fourth piece of our Graduate series, Arjun Shajan writes about his time in insti. "Most of us were trying to distinguish ourselves by taking part in different non-academic activities. As a senior told me in my first year – “You have made it to IIT Madras. You are the cream of the cream. Now, what else can you do other than mug?” This turned out really useful as in this rush to prove ourselves cool, we got to try our hands at a variety of things."

Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Nithyanand Rao

" It’s hard to imagine another educational institution in India where I could’ve had the opportunity and the freedom I’ve had here to do what I really wanted to do, while pretending to pursue an entirely unrelated academic degree." Nithyanand Rao, Immerse editor 2015, writes about his insti experience.

Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Akshay Krishna

"... if there’s one lesson that I’ve learnt from my time here, it’s this: there are always so many exciting things to get involved in, so much more left to learn, and so many interesting people to get to know, that it’s okay to be a little uncertain sometimes." Akshay Krishna writes about his time in the institute, in the second article of our Graduate series.

Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Pranathi Diwakar

" For those of us who graduated in 2015 after long, hard years at IIT Madras, this journey was nothing less than a spectacular exercise in growing up and discovering that maybe we could do this adulthood thing after all." Pranathi writes about her five years at insti, in the first piece of our Graduate series, 2015.


Abhijit Gupta discusses the various facilities and flavours that the brand new Quark will host.