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Posts published in December 2014

T5E Vacation Guide: YouTube 2014-15

"'Your friend saved a life today--what did YOU do?' Well, you missed the deadlines to that internship watching Game of Thrones reaction videos...or perhaps a much-adored baby video." Saba suggests a few YouTube channels for those who cannot resist clicking 'Next Video'.

T5E Vacation Guide: Volunteering

For those of you tired of lazing around at home, here are a few avenues that could use volunteers. Manu and Akhil compile a list of mostly non-profit organisations which take student volunteers over vacations.

T5E Vacation Guide 2014-2015: Online Courses

"If you’re driven by the determination--but not nearly as much as the world-changers and the summer-school-takers-- to spend the remainder of your vacation productively, try sinking your teeth into a few of these online courses. You can learn at home, without burning a hole in either your shoes or your pockets."

T5E Vacation Guide: Travel

Arjun and Nitin list a few reasonably-priced travel programs for the summer.

T5E Vacation Guide: Internships 2014-15

"Whether you’re looking to become the youngest CEO in the world or working to win a Nobel, your first step would be to get a good internship. If you belong to the opposite camp and don’t know what you want to do with your life, an internship will help you narrow down your choices. Basically, internships are good. Do them", says Aahlad. The second article as part of T5E's vacation guide suggests a few alternative internship opportunities.

T5E Vacation Guide: Summer Schools 2014-15

"Are you looking to learn something new during the summer? Do you want to travel and explore while also gaining new skills? Then you’ll find this list useful. We have compiled a bunch of good summer schools and learning camps for you to participate in."

Celebrating Love: A Report

"Close to a hundred students gathered in front of Himalaya lawns at 5 PM on November 14 to register their views on moral policing. A couple of speeches were made, songs were sung, hugs exchanged and cheeks kissed, with the occasional peck on the lips. The organizers maintain that the event was about ‘Celebrating Love’ and not kissing in specific, but the parallel stuck, with it being widely reported by the media as the IIT Madras version of ‘Kiss of Love’. "

Aroon reports on the recent event, "Celebrating Love", organized on the IIT Madras campus.

Up Close With the Stars: Interview with Spandana Raj

"These sessions gave us an opportunity to learn what the others are working towards. They had so much passion for Computer Science that just talking to them was very inspiring. There is so much energy when you are meeting such people who are doing well in their fields, and after coming back, I feel even more motivated to excel." Spandana Raj, recipient of both this year's Facebook Grace Hopper Celebration Scholarship and the Google Anita Borg Scholarship, speaks to Ananth Sundararaman about her experiences.