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Posts published in August 2014

Hostel Reorganization in Retrospect

The 2013 batch of male freshers was allotted rooms away from seniors from their respective degrees, in other hostels. T5E attempts to look at the immediate impact of the change, and how Institute life and culture has changed over the past year.

Once You Cross That Finish Line…

Bindu Upadhyay (ED09), alumna and Ex-Student Head of the IITM Runners Club, shares with T5E her experience of being part of the running culture of insti.

Ending Sexual Violence: Colloquium

"Since when is raping winning?" The flippant usage of the word 'rape' in insti lingo was one among the many issues discussed enthusiastically at the first Colloquium event of the year.

Humans of Insti: A Bloody Fine Job

"I used to faint at the sight of blood. But over the years, I have got used to it. I have to, to be able to do my job. "

Bristles of Creativity

"Under the club conveners, Srishti Jain and Prudhvi Raj, the volunteers quickly organized themselves into groups and set out to paint the bins just as evening began to fall. Supplies were aplenty, excitement ran high, and everyone was free to paint what they pleased."

Promoting Dialogue : Townhall Meeting August ‘14

The new mess allocation system, the construction ban and conditions in hostels -- these were among the burning issues that the panel of admin members and an audience of students tackled at the second Townhall Meeting of the year.

Internship Stories: Swapnil and Nishad, Deutsche Bank

"With regard to experience, perspective and other long words, this was an eye-opener. The learning curve is really steep, and unlike anything one encounters in college. The office is formal -- both in attire and conduct, and helps you develop a corporate and professional approach to work. It gives you a business perspective of the investment banking industry."

Swapnil and Nishad, who interned with Deutsche Bank this summer, talk about the experience.

Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Ashwin Pananjady (More)

"If there was one change I would like to see in insti, it would be for the mini-institutions that we have created to do more than just make the rich richer - to become less elitist, to foster learning and not competition, to value initiative over reputation, and talent over popularity. "

Through the Goggles of A Graduate: Sneha A

T5E brings to you a collection of precious moments from the insti lives of some of our ’14 passouts in in this mini-series. The fourth in the series, Sneha talks about her five years on campus as an MA student.