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Month: June 2014

Should the cores be allowed to spend sponsorship money on themselves, within a reasonable limit? What happens if the system goes wrong and this limit is exceeded? A lot of tough questions need to be asked on the Core Treats issue after this year's Saarang, and T5E attempts to take a look at a few of them.... Read More
Walking on Water 10 min read
"An average Indian could come and ask: ‘Have you solved any of my problems?’ Take one IIT and ask, what problem did it solve?” The research team on water, led by Prof. T. Pradeep of the Department of Chemistry did indeed solve one such problem. And went on to incubate a start-up. Read their story.... Read More
His invention makes possible modern refrigerators, air-conditioners, and electric cars -- in fact, any medium- to high-power device that requires high efficiency and fast switching. T5E talks to Dr. Jayant Baliga, a Distinguished Alumnus of IIT Madras.... Read More
"It is common knowledge amongst the Institute’s students that this investment (in Saarang) is not always directed towards the benefit of the fest at large and the Cores, who have decision-making powers over most of the fest’s affairs, engage in varying levels of self-indulgence. This year, however, the administration managed to catch on to the misappropriations." Read on to know further about Saarang's missapropriation scandal.... Read More