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Posts published in May 2014

From the Ruins

How do you reconstruct the ruins at Hampi to create a virtual 3D interactive walkthrough? A research group at IIT-M is doing just that. Read on to find out.

Science Diet: A Post-Antibiotic World?

This week, we consider the "apocalyptic threat" posed by antibiotic-resistant bugs, take a look at India's ailing science policy and meet the winner of the 2014 Abel Prize.

A Shark’s Tale

"The biggest compliment was yet to come. A Roorkee alumnus from Tattu’s time compared my skills to Tattu himself. That had been my dream since I had started playing for insti. I remembered my vow that day and felt like I had lived up to it. I was the happiest person there that day. I felt like we had finally come out of the shadows of those legends."
Abhinav Gopal, Best Outgoing Sportsperson 2013-14, IIT Madras, with his story.

Of Oath Ceremonies and Misappropriation Scandals: SAC Meeting Review

The Old-New SAC meetings, held this year on 29th April, attempt to aid the transition between the old and the new SAC. Additionally, this year's meeting was witness to the first-ever oath-taking ceremony for SAC Councillors and discussions on the recent Saarang funds impropriety issue.

Conversations on Homosexuality

"I have spoken about this to a few friends from the Institute, but have never come out openly because I do think it’ll adversely affect my career here. I am yet to talk to my parents. It is a struggle sometimes, because my family has expectations about marriage and all that."

Science Diet: What Drives Scientists?

In this week's edition of Science diet, Arjun Bhagoji tells us about what drives some famous scientists, looks into a new development that could change our understanding of the origins of the Universe, before ending on a cautionary note about development and pollution.

Raagabop 2014

Anjani does a brief profile on the bands which performed at Raagabop this year

Science Diet: Football for Geeks

After a semester-long hiatus, Science Diet is back! This week, we dig into your archives to bring you stories you may have missed. Stories about technology and how it impacts and changes our world today. And tomorrow.